Darlington Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) consultation.

The Darlington Health and Wellbeing Board (HWBB) has produced a draft local Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) outlining services which will help to ensure residents have good access to local pharmacy services.

The main aim of the PNA is to assess if current pharmacy services are meeting the needs of the people of Darlington; mapping where current community pharmacy services are provided and when they are available and anticipating future health needs of the local population.

Stakeholders are invited to comment on the content of the draft; the 60 day consultation begins on Monday 11th July and will end on Friday 09th September.

Comments are submitted via an online survey.

All feedback received by Friday 09th September 2022 will be collated and presented to the PNA Steering Group for consideration. The final PNA will be published by 1st October 2022.

All documents are intended to be used online however printed copies can be requested if necessary. Should you require a paper copy of the survey please email: