Free digital champion programme

The Academic Health Sciences Network (AHSN) has commissioned a digital champion programme across the NENC. This programme gives all NHS primary care staff the opportunity to become digital champions within their organisation. To understand more about the role of a digital champion please see the Digital Champions Programme Brochure. During this programme digital champions will attend 2 virtual/remote sessions delivered by Redmoor Health. The first session will introduce the programme to the digital champions and what is expected from them. The session will go on to cover:

  • The digital front door – social media, websites, communications and messaging
  • How to engage your patients in digital and online services? – soft skills, use of language and understanding patient facing services/platforms
  • The importance of a whole team buy in – priority planning, common goals, and changing cultures
  • Best practice examples across primary care – dentistry, optometry, general practice and pharmacy

During the first session champions will be asked to fill out a baseline questionnaire, this questionnaire allows the AHSN to assess the champion’s confidence in using technology/digital at the beginning of their journey as a digital champion. An action plan template will be shared for the champions to fill out and share after the first session. In this action plan champions will describe the next steps in the journey and what form of ‘digital’ they’d like to implement. This can change as they progress in their role. The champions will them be given a few months to implement digital into their roles in some way, and can access the Redmoor Health helpdesk for support/1:1s at any point. There’ll also be a variety of sessions running across the year outside of these 2 digital champion sessions that the champions can use to access support:

  • Drop-in sessions
  • Showcase events
  • Digital surgeries
  • Mop up sessions
  • Masterclasses

The second session will give champions the chance to come back together in their cohorts and showcase/discuss what they’ve been doing since the first session, and how they’ve actioned their action plans and worked towards reaching their goals. This session gives champions the chance to voice any issues they’re facing and troubleshoot problems with the support of the Redmoor Health team and their peers. In this session champions will review their actions plans and repeat a baseline questionnaire so we can assess how confidence has changed since the first session.